Womens Tour of Britain

Womens Tour of Britain

Undeniably Marianne Vos is a cycling legend in pretty much any discipline she turns her hand or more importantly her legs to.

This year Marianne will be racing in the UK at the Friends Life Women's Tour beginning on May 7th, this is great news for women's cycling in the UK and Europe' maybe not so good for the people that will be racing against her though. Marianne took a few moments out of her busy schedule to answer a few questions for us.

Marianne how do you feel about coming to race in England for the Women's Tour?

"I am very excited it's a positive development that more organisers of men's races start to put on the same for women. I am looking forward to visiting England, I have fond memories of the 2012 Olympics over there, also the other races I have competed in , and there is a good vibe for women's racing in the UK"

Are you expecting a different style of race over here?

" All the World Cup races this season have been very competitive wherever they have been held. it shows women's cycling is making big steps forward. so I don't expect it to feel any different, but you do have an opportunity to showcase the race to the world"

You are obliviously the favourite for the race, how will approach this? And do you still feel pressure when you race?

" With the whole Rabobank Liv team we are eager to get a good result, we have become much stronger as a team, in previous races the girls have shown they are ready to compete at the highest level "

Paul Burgoine