Favourite places to train

Favourite places to train

Cycle Sport caught up with Marianne and asked her where in the World are her favourite places to train. Clearly, home is where her heart lies, though it’s obvious she likes to get away to the sun to get some serious winter training.

Home Roads “I prefer to train near my home in the North Brabant area of The Netherlands. It’s where I grew up and though it’s flat, it has a real feel of Holland and the countryside is beautiful.”

In the woods “As a cyclo cross rider I enjoy training in the woods. It doesn’t matter if it’s near home or anywhere else I am, it’s really great to get out and play on the cross bike.”

Limburg “I really enjoy riding in the Limburg region of the Netherlands. It has lots of short steep hills which are really good for interval training and I have really good memories of winning the Road World Championship at Valkenburg in 2012.”

Tuscany “Italy is a beautiful country and the I love the Giro d’Italia. The whole country is all about cycling and I love the atmosphere and hospitality, especially in Tuscany, where there are beautiful villages and great roads.”

Spain “We always go to Spain for training camps on the Costas, the weather here is good for training and I enjoy the roads.”

Gran Canaria “Another part of Spain I like to visit is Gran Canaria where there are great climbs and always good weather.”

South Africa “Though I love training at home, in the winter the weather can cause problems, so I like to go to South Africa, where it is much warmer than in the Netherlands at that time of year. There are beautiful views on the mountain passes and it suits me for endurance training.” "

Owen Rogers